During the 2017 Legislative Session the Minnesota Legislature passed and the Governor signed a provision that reduces duplicative regulation on your electric cooperative. This local democracy legislation returns some balance to the regulatory process, ensuring decisions that impact member-owners of cooperatives are made locally by your elected board of directors.

The legislation allows for cooperatives to adopt the authority currently held by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) implementing Minnesota Statute 216B.164 and resolving disputes (with the requirement for independent third party mediation). Minnesota Statute 216B.164 lays out the requirements for distributed generation and this section of statute is now in line with the rest of Minnesota Statute as it applies to regulation of member-owned cooperatives.

At the September 27, 2017 meeting of your Red Lake Electric Cooperative board of directors, the board passed a resolution adopting this authority and adopted rules implementing this section of statute. A copy of the resolution has been sent to the PUC at their request in order to provide additional notice. Members may request a copy of the resolution and the rules implementing this section or find them on our website.

Cooperative Rules
Cooperative Agreement for Cogeneration
Interconnection Process for DG Systems
Interconnection Requirements for DG Systems
Cogeneration Rate Schedule

Red Lake Electric Cooperative has joined Minnkota and Joint System in a Petition for PURPA Waiver click here to read the full petition.