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Your Meter Won’t Go On Vacation Just Because You Do

vacation-family-carWhen vacation time comes,  and you’re planning to be gone for a couple of weeks or so, your electric bill shoud decrease significantly, right? Wrong!

Many people believe that when they leave on vacation, their electric meter stops until they return. If they are on vacation for two weeks, they expect their electric bills to be cut in half. However, here are a number of things your meter will still measure while you’re gone.

  • The water heater. Remember, if the electric water heater is left energized during your vacation, it will continue to operate and maintain the tank temperature even if you’re not using any hot water.
  • Refrigerators and freezers will continue to operate to maintain the preset temperatures.
  • Other electric appliances such as clocks, attic fans, and power ventilators, heating and air conditioning equipment, lights, and TV sets with the “instant-on” feature will all continue to operate.

To help keep your power bill low while you are gone, you may wish to unplug all appliances not in use. If a light is to be left on, it should be connected to a timer. If you intend to be gone for an extended period of time, contact us and make arrangments so your electric service will remain uninterrupted. We want you to have a happy vacation and a welcome and comfortable return to your home.

Notice to Members

The Red Lake Electric Cooperative, Inc., of Red Lake Falls, as an operating electric utility in the state of Minnesota, is obligated to interconnect with and purchase electricity from co-generators and small power producers.

The Cooperative will provide information relating to the said interconnections to all interested member-consumers of the Cooperative free of charge upon request.

Any disputes between the Cooperative and its member-consumers over interconnection, sales and purchases are subject to resolution by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission.