You will receive your energy bill on or near the 10th of each month.

Payment of your monthly energy bill is due on the 10th of the month.  You may pay your bill in person at RLEC during office hours, use the 24-hour drive-up drop box located next to the RLEC office, by Auto Pay, online at SmartHub or our one time payment option with SmartHub PayNow, our toll free phone payment option at 1-888-395-5296, or by mail.  Payment must be in the office, drop box, Auto Pay or in the mail, as evidenced by the postmark, by the 25th day of the following month to avoid a late payment charge.  A 1-1/2% monthly late payment charge will be computed on delinquent energy bills, the minimum late payment charge will be $2.00.

If your payment is not received by the 17th of the next month, a final notice of disconnection statement will be included on your following bill.  The final notice statement will notify you when your electric service will be disconnected if the delinquent amount remains unpaid.  If your service is  disconnected remotely, a $40 collection fee will be charged to your account even if you pay that day.

To have a disconnected service reconnected, all amounts owing, a $40 reconnection fee and a possible security deposit must be paid.  If the service must be reconnected after normal working hours, a $160 reconnection fee must be paid.


A $25 charge, plus the bank service charge, will be levied each time a check is returned because of nonsufficient funds, account being closed or payment stopped.