If you can’t pay your entire bill and need to make special arrangements to spread out your payments, call Red Lake Electric Cooperative, Inc at 1-800-245-6068 or 218-253-2168 before the due date.  You need not send in an application for shut-off protection form just to make a payment arrangement, simply call.

Military Shut-Off Protection:  This law became effective August 1, 2007 and concerns the disconnection, payment arrangements, appeal and notice to Cooperative members in the military who are “issued orders into active duty, deployment, or for a permanent change in duty station.”  This law is effective throughout the year.

Cold Weather Shut-Off Protection:  The Minnesota Cold Weather Law provides that from October 1 through April 30 an electric cooperative cannot disconnect a residential consumer for non-payment if you meet certain conditions.  The conditions you must meet are outlined in the following Application for Shut-off Protection – Cold Weather Rule.