Click  here to get a summary of RLEC’s retail rates. 

To see more information about each rate click on the rate schedule below.

  • Rate Schedule #1   General  Service  to  all  single  phase  or  multi-phase  accounts  with  75   KVA transformer capacity or less.
  • Rate Schedule #2  Single and  three-phase  service  to  Consumers  with  over  75  kVA  installed transformer capacity.
  • Rate Schedule #3 Seasonal service to Consumers with over 75 KVA transformer capacity.
  • Rate Schedule #4 Interruptible service to customers with at least 25 kVA transformer capacity and standby generation capable of supplying total electrical requirements over control periods.  (Off peak electric heating is metered separately and is charged at the standard off peak heating rate.)
  • Rate Schedule “S L” Security Lighting Service.
  • Rate Schedule “OP” Off Peak Electric Heat and Water Heating