Bring warmth and comfort to your home with electric heat

Safe, clean and efficient electric heat.

You won’t find a cleaner, safer or more reliable way to heat your home than with electricity. According to many energy experts, the most efficient and affordable way to heat your home is with off-peak electric heat.
An off-peak heating system uses safe, clean, efficient electric heat as the primary means of heating your home. During times of peak demand for electricity, the electric heating system is turned off by a ripple receiver and an alternate heating system keeps your home warm. The rates for off-peak electric heat are considerably less than the regular electric rates, see off-peak rate options below:

Long Term: The first option is referred to as long term control which results in the best heating rate, currently 5.6₵ per kWh. Heating equipment controlled under this option is controlled on an as-needed basis and could be controlled continuously for 24 hours or more. This option requires an automatic, dependable, alternate heat source capable of heating the entire home or building.

Medium Term: An option that applies to limited electric heating installations is medium term control or daily cycling. This also results in a rate of 5.6₵ per kWh. This control option is for underfloor heating cable and panels and electric boilers supplying floor heat when there is a sand bed for a heat sink. These heating installations are controlled every day during the heating season with two on-times and two off-times amounting to approximately 12 hours each. The daily cycling option requires the heat sink to maintain temperature in the building.

Short Term: Short term control is the other option which yields a current rate of 7.9₵ per kWh. Controlled heating equipment under this option can be controlled for four hours at one time and it can happen twice within 24 hours. Short term control is also on an as-needed basis and generally occurs in the early daylight hours and early evening hours. Members with non-automatic or wood backup heating systems choose this control option.

Water Heater Control: Available to all consumers with existing or new electric water heaters that can be subjected to a maximum of eight hours of controlled off time on any one day. The maximum of controlled off time in any one period during that day is four hours. A credit of $7 per month, for the months of November through April, will be given for each water heater under control. A minimum total consumption in each of the above months is 500 kilowatt-hours or more per water heater to receive the credit.

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