On behalf of my fellow employees and directors of Red Lake Electric Cooperative, welcome!

As a member of Red Lake Electric Cooperative, you have both privileges and obligations.  To learn about your benefits and responsibilities, I encourage you to continue reading this member information page.  It has information on Cooperative organizations, capital credits, monthly billing information, benefits to Cooperative members, and other items that you should be aware of that affect your electric service.

The Cooperative is located at 412 International Drive in Red Lake Falls and is open to serve you Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  If you are unable to reach us during these times, there is an after-hour answering service to receive your message.

Again, welcome to the Cooperative.  Feel free to call on me if you ever have questions or comments about your electric service.


Stephanie Johnson
General Manager



I.  Red Lake Electric Cooperative Organization

The Red Lake Electric Cooperative (RLEC) was organized by a group of farmers in 1938 for the purpose of delivering electricity to the rural areas.  The Cooperative is controlled by the membership through their elected board of directors.  There are nine director districts and directors are elected for three-year terms.  Directors are elected by members of their respective districts at the annual meeting held each spring.

The board of directors hires the general manager, whose duty is to see that the daily operations of the Cooperative are carried out in compliance with policies set by the board.

There are no profits made by the Cooperative.  All amounts of revenue above total expenses are called margins.  These margins are allocated each year to members based on the amount of their annual electric bill.  You will be notified annually of your past year’s capital credit allocation and current balance.

These capital credits are retained by the Cooperative as an equity base until such time as the Cooperative is financially able to pay these capital credits out to members in the form of cash.  In the event of death of a member, a capital credit settlement amount may be offered to the estate of the member.

II. Employee and Director Responsibility

The employees and board of directors of the Cooperative are responsible to each one of the members to provide reliable electric service.  The board of directors is also responsible to the membership to maintain a sound financial position for the Cooperative and to reasonably assign expenses to those receiving services.  Reliable electric service cannot be provided if the Cooperative is not financially healthy.

III.  Becoming a New Member

To become a member with Red Lake Electric a one-time, refundable $50.00 membership fee is required along with a completed and signed application for membership form as listed above.  Red Lake Electric will need to determine if a security deposit is required and will need to do a “soft” credit check.  If a deposit is required, you will receive an adverse letter explaining the credit report results and you will also earn interest on your security deposit at a set yearly rate determined by the State of Minnesota.  Once you have made 12 consecutive monthly payments on time or move out of the service territory your deposit will be refundable minus any outstanding billing.  Please contact our office at 218-253-2168 prior to becoming a member to verify all information.    

IV. Your Responsibilities as a Member

You will receive a billing statement each month in the mail.  Please review the statement and make payment by the due date printed on the statement.  The electric meter at your service location is remotely read and the reading is used to calculate your monthly billing.  When you receive your billing statement, please review the meter reading and billed amount to assure their reasonableness.  Although the remote meter reading system is generally reliable, please periodically verify the reading on your bill with the actual reading from the meter.  The readings will probably not be the same because they are taken on different dates, but they should be close.  Please call the office if you see any major discrepancies in readings.

Please make your payment on or before the due date stated on your monthly bill.  It is your responsibility to see that the bill for electric service is paid.  In a member cooperative organization such as Red Lake Electric Cooperative, where member/customers share costs, you must pay for services you receive or your neighbor ends up paying more as a result.  Extended payment delinquencies will not be allowed.


  1. Review your billing statement and periodically verify your meter readings.
  2. Pay your bill when it is due.

V. Customer Billing and Collection Policies

You will receive your billing statement on or near the 10th day of each month.  When you receive your bill, verify your meter reading and billed amount for reasonableness. Your bill is due and payable by the 25th day of the following month.  Your payment must be postmarked or received by RLEC on the 25th day of the month to avoid a finance charge.  If your payment is not received by the due date, a disconnection notice will be on your next billing statement stating the day that your electric service will be disconnected if you do not pay your bill.  If your service is disconnected due to non-payment, a collection fee will be charged even if you pay the bill at that time.  To have a disconnected service reconnected, all delinquent amounts must be paid or acceptable payment arrangements made, in addition to a reconnection fee and a possible security deposit.

VI. Payment Options

Options to pay your monthly electric bill:  you can pay in person at the office in Red Lake Falls; you can mail your payment; you can sign up for our auto pay service, which will withdraw your monthly balance on the 25th of the month from your checking or savings account; you can use the 24 hour drive-up drop box at our headquarters in Red Lake Falls; online on SmartHub by signing up for access to your account, you can arrange to have a payment made using a debit card, credit card, checking or savings account; online one-time pay now payment option through SmartHub, or call our automated pay by phone option 888-395-5296.

VII.  Power Outages

In case your electricity goes out, please do the following:

  1. Check your fuses or breakers at the yard pole or meter pedestal.
  2. Call your neighbor to see if they are out of electricity also.
  3. Call the Red Lake Electric office at 218-253-2168 during working hours, or the after-hour phone number 218-253-2200.  Call toll-free 800-245-6068.

VIII. Meter Tests and Stopped Meters

If you think your meter is not accurate, RLEC will test it for accuracy.  A meter test fee must be paid in advance.  If the meter proves to be inaccurate, the test fee will be refunded, along with an appropriate adjustment in your electric bill.

If your meter is stopped and you are still using electricity, contact RLEC immediately so we can replace it.  Average consumption will be billed for the time the meter was stopped, so there is no advantage in not reporting a stopped meter.

IX. Other Benefits to You

You will receive a copy of the Cooperative newsletter entitled Volts & Jolts.  In addition to many other items of interest, this newsletter provides up-to-date information of Cooperative activities and policy changes affecting you.  You are urged to at least scan through this newsletter each month when you receive it so you can keep current with RLEC news

Red Lake Electric Cooperative