OperationRoundUpCustomers of Red Lake Electric Cooperative now have a unique opportunity to provide financial assistance to worthwhile activities in our service area community.

This important initiative is called OPERATION ROUND UP and every customer of Red Lake Electric Cooperative can participate for just pennies a month.

How does it work?  Your electric bill each month can be “rounded up” to the next highest dollar amount with those extra cents going to the OPERATION ROUND UP fund.  For example, if your month’s bill is $72.71, you will pay $73.00 with the 29 cents going directly to the fund.  By participating, you will contribute an estimated $6 each year, a small amount to help worthy causes in our rural community.

Money contributed to OPERATION ROUND UP will be administered by a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation called Red Lake Electric Trust.  Red Lake Electric Trust is an organization separate from Red Lake  Electric Cooperative and is governed by a three-person board of directors made up of volunteer community leaders who are customers of Red Lake Electric Cooperative.

Requests for funds from OPERATION ROUND UP are evaluated by the Trust board of directors and contributions will be made that will help benefit the rural community in which we live.  Contributions will not be made for political or religious purposes or for any causes that do not have widespread community support.  Customers are notified of all grants made.

How can you participate in OPERATION ROUND UP and be a part of the successes the program achieves?  It’s easy — you automatically will be included in OPERATION ROUND UP with your electric bill next month.  However, you may choose not to participate by returning the form at the bottom of this page and indicate as such.  If necessary, you can discontinue participating at any time by notifying Red Lake Electric Cooperative.

Your contributions to OPERATION ROUND UP are tax deductible and you’ll receive a summary of your contributions on your December electric bill.

Over 90 percent of Red Lake Electric members participate in the OPERATION ROUND UP program.  Approximately $24,000 is granted to community organizations and charities each year.

Please help Red Lake Electric Cooperative help our service area community — let’s make OPERATION ROUND UP the success it can be.

Operation Round Up – Participation Response Form

If you wish to participate in Operation Round Up, do nothing!  Your contribution automatically will be included in your electric bills.  However, if you do not wish to participate, please complete and return our Operation Round Up Participation Response Form (requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Operation Round Up – Application for Donation For Organization/Agency

If you wish to apply for an Operation Round Up donation for your Organization/Agency, please complete and return our Application for Donation for Organization/Agency  form. (requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader) and return to Red Lake Electric Cooperative, P.O. Box 430, Red Lake Falls, MN   56750.

Operation Round Up – General guidelines for approved donations.

The Funding and Donations form  (requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader) outlines general information about how the Operation Round Up monies will be used, what requests generally do not qualify for funding and factors considered in the evaluation of all funding requests.