In case your electricity goes out, please do the following:

  1. Check your fuses or breakers at the yard pole or meter pedestal.
  2. Call your neighbor to see if they are out of electricity also.
  3. Call the RLEC office:
    1. Working Hours: (218) 253-2168 or (800) 245-6068
    2. After Hours or when the office is not open call: (218) 253-2200


If you find your meter has stopped and you are using electricity, please contact the office immediately so we can replace it.  Average consumption will be billed to the member for the time the meter was stopped so there is no advantage in not reporting a stopped meter.


An automated meter reading system is utilized to obtain monthly meter readings.  Although the system is normally reliable, there is always a chance that the correct reading has not been transmitted to the office for billing.  Customers should periodically read their meter and compare it to the reading on the billing statement.  If the actual reading is not close to the billing statement reading, please call the office.


RLEC has a schedule in place to have its meters periodically tested for accuracy.  Results from these tests show that meters generally slow down with age; however, if you think that your meter is recording too much usage, RLEC will test it for accuracy.  You must pay a test fee in advance of the test.  If the meter test shows that the meter was inaccurate, the test fee will be refunded to you.