If you are planning a digging project it is your responsibility to notify Gopher State One Call.

Gopher State One Call is the one-call notification system established to inform Minnesota underground facility operators like Red Lake Electric of intended excavation.  GSOC serves as a communication link between the party conducting the excavation and Red Lake Electric.  GSOC transmits the information from the excavator to Red Lake Electric which allows us to locate our underground facilities. You are responsible for locating your own underground wires. Red Lake Electric will locate wire up to the electric meter. All wires from there to your home or buildings are your property and you need to make other arrangements to locate them. Your electrical contractor may be able to locate them at your expense.

When you call GSOC you will need to know:

  • Type of work being done
  • Who the work is being done for
  • Who is doing the digging
  • Street address or township, section and quarter
  • Nearest cross street
  • When the digging will begin

There are two “Call before you dig” numbers that will connect you to the Gopher State One Call system.  Either number may be used to satisfy your “Call before you dig.”

gopherThey are the Federally mandated 811 number that routes your phone call from a national call center into the Gopher State One Call (GSOC) center or you can call the Gopher State One Call directly at 1-800-252-1166.

For more information, visit www.gopherstateonecall.org.
For more information about the National call number, visit: http://www.call811.com

For more information as a private homeowner, visit:  http://www.gopherstateonecall.org/homeowners