Electricity, a powerful energy…

Electricity is a wonderful form of energy and has enhanced our lifestyles, health and well-being.  However, electricity can also be very dangerous, causing serious injury or death.  We all must excercise extreme caution when working on or around electric power lines.  Keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Electricity and water are a dangerous combination.  Never place plugged in appliances where they might fall in contact with water.  If a plugged in appliance falls into the water, NEVER reach in to pull it out, even if it is turned off.  Shut off the breaker supplying the power FIRST, then unplug the appliance.  If you have an appliance that has gotten wet, don’t use it until it has been checked out by a qualified service person.
  • If you see a downed power line, keep everyone away from it.  Then call Red Lake Electric Cooperative or law enforcement to report it.  Just because a power line is lying on the ground, it is not always de-energized.
  • You need to frequently familiarize yourself, your family, and hired help with the location of power lines in your yard.  Make sure they understand the importance of staying clear of overhead power lines.  When moving equipment around the yard, have a “spotter” watching to make sure you are clear of power lines.
  • Keep kites, ladders, grain augers, conveyors and all other tall equipment or machinery away from overhead power lines.